We love your work! How can we book you?

Yay! Yay! I love y'all too! Send over your wedding details so that we can discuss those real quick, pop a deposit on over + sign the contract! I would love to get to know you before your wedding day also! In fact, do not hesitate if you would like to meet or chat on the phone first before booking. Having a relationship with you two prior to the wedding day is really important to me (and your wedding photos will be so much more unique + intimate).


Can we see a full gallery?

Of course! Send over an email and I would be more than happy to show you a full gallery! I can also show you a sample album when we meet up if you're interested in adding one on to your package. Your gallery will include getting ready with the bride + groom, first look (if applicable), bridal party portraits + candids, romantic portraits, ceremony + reception details and coverage, plenty of fun dancing shots and anything else that may be unique about your wedding day!


Why should we hire a second shooter?

Most (if not all) wedding photographers start off as second shooters. I second shot for many years and I still love doing it! They will be an instrumental part of your wedding day. While I take wide shots, they take close ups. While I take posed portraits, they take candids of everybody having a great time. Having a second shooter will not only guarantee you way more candids + portraits, but will also save everyone some time! In the morning, I can be with the bride + bridesmaids while my second is with your groom + his groomsmen. Second shooters are amazing and I cannot stress that enough!


Something to think about!

If you want cocktail hour photos of your guests, a second shooter is a must.


Should we take engagement photos?

Yes! Your engagement session is an excellent opportunity for all of us to get to know one another and for y'all to get comfortable posing in front of a camera before the big day! You want your wedding photos to be natural and romantic. By taking engagement photos, you get the opportunity to feel out what kinds of poses feel natural to you. Plus, you get to get all cute and fancy and spend an evening doing nothing but being madly in love with one another.


Our wedding is not in Chicago, do you travel?

YES! So far, I've shot weddings in 5 different states but I am also looking to expand that list! International travel is available as well. As you can imagine, this type of booking is a little different so reach out and lets discuss itinerary, flights, lodging, etc. and I can give you a quote for travel. Fingers crossed for anything in Cali, Greece, Scotland, or NYC! Special discounts for weddings in Austin, Texas as this is my hometown and it would be a huge treat for me!


How do we get our photos?

Once all of the finishing touches are on + everything is perfect, I'll give you two a password-protected online gallery of all of the images. Feel free to share the images on all social media, share with friends, family, neighbors, whoever! All images will be high-resolution JPEGs. I also reserve the right to use any images for social media + marketing purposes. If you would prefer to receive a flash drive of all of your images, this can be added to your package.


How long does it take for us to receive our images?

Please allow 2 weeks for engagement sessions, portraits, or pup sessions and 6 weeks for wedding galleries! I understand being giddy and anxious to receive your images, so look out for a few sneak peeks in the days following your wedding/session :)


How long will you be with us on our wedding day?

This depends on your package! The minimum hours of coverage is 8, but it is not uncommon for couples to want 9, 10, or even 12 hours. My packages vary and if you are interested in learning more about customizing a package to fit your exact needs, send over an email and let's discuss!


Do we get to download and share our images?

Absolutely! These images are just as much yours as they are mine. I would LOVE for you to share these with whomever you like! Please just make sure to credit me if you do share them. Please also ask your guests and family to tage me as well if they also share some images! You can tag my facebook and instagram or even link my website! Please also use my hashtag #606bride.


What is your editing style?

I describe my style as modern and clean. You deserve a wedding album that is honest + true to who you are as a couple with editing that is not trendy, won't go out of style and will be cherished in your family for years to come. My couples never receive their wedding albums and think, "Why is my skin so orange?" or "These weren't my wedding colors!". Instead they receive a diligently + beautifully captured and edited gallery with all of the love, intimate moments, and tearful laughs in a classically beautiful + elegant way.


What is your opinion on a first look?

I can't make you do anything on your wedding day but I do highly encourage that you two choose to do a first look before the ceremony. This gives you two a private, intimate chance to spend with one another and usually helps you to be calmer during the ceremony. It also will allow SO much more time for your romantics and bridal party photos! Trying to cram all of that + family portraits during cocktail hour can be stressful and usually is not enough time. Plus, don't you want to celebrate immediately after you get married?! Hello, cocktails!


Can we have the RAW photos?

Nope! I am sorry to disappoint, but honestly, you really do not want your RAWs anyways. The files are massive and I spend a significant amount of time fine tuning every single edit in order to ensure a beautiful finished product. You can trust me.


How soon before our wedding should we book?

Literally A.S.A.P. Bookings are taken on a first-come first-serve basis and it is pretty standard for wedding photographers to book out at least 12-18 months. Many of my couples have booked with a 2-year notice. If you are interested, reach out immediately. Your date could book so quickly (hello, summer saturdays!) and I would hate for that to happen!


Should we get an album?

Wedding albums are an amazing way of preserving your wedding images. Leave it on the coffee table or your night stand and thumb through it whenever you can. I will design a beautiful story of events for you and have it delivered right to you! Also they make wonderful gifts for parents!