All images in this blog post were second shot for Nicole Morisco Photography

When prepping for the wedding day, brides know exactly what accessories to wear— shoes, earrings, perfume, a necklace, etc. There is such an imbalance when it comes to detail/getting ready photos between a bride and a groom. It should take me almost the same amount of time to photograph groom details as it does bridal details. It almost never happens that way though!

I find that few grooms know what accessories they need. I have shown up to countless weddings to photograph the groom preparing and the only details he has are a tie and some cuff links. Guys, I beg of you— do not do this! There are so many elements that can be added into your outfit that are essential in defining who you will show up as when you are a husband.

A groom should be well kept, classy, and should show up in a way that demonstrates how much he cares and loves his soon-to-be wife. Putting a little extra effort into your appearance is always a great idea but on your wedding day, it is a given.

These are a few items that I find add that extra touch of sophistication and personal style.

Pocket square

This one is so simple and so underrated! A simple pattern, bold color, or unique fold can do so much.

Cuff links

This is a great way to incorporate something customized into your wedding look! I’ve seen cuff links with initials, different sports logos, and photos. So few grooms personalize their accessories even though it can be done in such a tasteful and subtle way.

A Watch

Watches are the perfect finishing touch to any suit or tuxedo. Many grooms wear watches that have been passed down to them from previous generations or— if they’re lucky— they get gifted one from their bride!


This one sounds like a no-brainer because duh, you need shoes— but what I’m talking about is finding shoes that are dashing and unique to tour style. So often I find that grooms rent out the plain, plastic-like black shoes and those really say nothing about who you are. Gorgeous leather oxfords or loafers are so much more stylish and comfortable.


Whether it’s a necktie, a bow tie or a bolo tie— you need a tie of some sort. This is another perfect opportunity to really show your personal style. A bow tie is sharp and high-class, a bolo tie is unique and bohemian, and a necktie is classic and sleek.

A Boutonniere

If at all possible, try to have your florist deliver your boutonniere to your getting-ready space in the morning. It makes a great addition to your details and I love getting closeups of your bout before it goes on.


Okay— most people would think that this is the least necessary but this one is a must have in my opinion. Cologne is luxurious and sexy and the bottle is a great way to add a little extra to your detail photos and instantly add an air of sophistication.

The moral of my story here is that dressing your best makes you feel more confident and put-together. Why would you want to feel anything less than this on your wedding day? Invest in that watch or those shoes or that cologne because it will only enhance how you look and feel on the most important day of your life.

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